Member List

Members' public details are listed below.
Member No Name Type Country Sort descending
A0038 Hanno Schreiber (Hanno) Attending Germany
A0057 Udo Emmerich Attending Germany
A0053 James Shields (LostCarPark) Attending Ireland
A0049 Emilio Desalvo Attending Italy
A0009 Paul van Oven Attending Netherlands
A0054 Vincent Docherty Attending Netherlands
A0055 Heidi van der Vloet Attending Netherlands
A0056 Erwin van Ballegoij Attending Netherlands
A0059 John van Duin Attending Netherlands
A0058 John De Voy Attending United States of America

Country Breakdown

Country Number of members
Netherlands 14
Germany 9
United States of America 5
Italy 5
Ireland 3
Belgium 3
Finland 2
Afghanistan 2
France 1
Russian Federation 1
Total 52